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Al Rose - Sad Go Lucky CD


Al Rose’s newest album is his sixth since the 1994 debut of Information Overload. The rarity of his recorded music is not only indicative of the quality, craftsmanship takes time, but also that there is a period between each album for change and growth. Different times create different albums.

Sad Go Lucky continues in the left-of-Americana vein of My First Posthumous Release but with the inventiveness of the arrangements more subtle almost in counterpoint to the more severe satirical edge of some of the lyrics. His continued collaboration with Grammy-winning co-producer Blaise Barton is aided by Rose’s own band, The Transcendos, and a diverse group of music contributors. The current core Transcendos, his band of variable size based in Chicago, is longtime compatriot Steve Hashimoto on bass, Chicago’s in-demand country guitarist Steve Doyle, newcomer Lance Helgeson on drums, versatile keyboardist Carter Luke, and returning from Madison is Maury Smith with acoustic guitars, a banjo, and a shared songwriting credit on “The Day Before The Infamy.” Amongst the guests helping to shape the sound include Sarah Holtshlag on saw, trombonist Jeb Bishop, cellist Robin Crawford, singer Sue Demel from Sons Of The Never Wrong, and Brian Wilkie on pedal steel. The musical daring is matched specifically to the message of the song.

Sad Go Lucky
I Feel Like A Million Dollars
They Lowered The Bar Again
The Day Before The Infamy
Never Saw It Coming
Scorpion Hills
I Hear The Sound Of Laughing Lists
The Girl Who Whispered Wolf
The Amber Waves Have Let Me Down
Daddy Doncha Do Me
On The Shelf
Sneaky Feelings

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