1992-1993: CNR ends, Eat At Godot's

The West Coast trip was a success, and local support continued to grow. Nationally, though, a Seattle band named Nirvana had released an album that was inventing a new musical genre, alternative. A major label actually called Waterdog and said they'd be interested in signing The Bad Examples if they agreed to sing a little more out of key and play their guitars sloppier. Jay Whitehouse politely told them they could go f**k themselves.

In August of 1992 the band returned to Holland to play at a major outdoor festival with Del Amitri, 247-Spys, Luka Bloom and other acts. They sat down with CNR's Ronald van der Meijden and planned a budget and release schedule for a new studio album. The band returned to America and more touring.

In November, a scandal erupted in Holland. CNR's President suddenly fled the country after embezzling millions of dollars. The company dropped its A&R staff and half its acts, then filed for bankruptcy and was bought the next morning by another European label. There would be no new studio album with CNR.

Undaunted, the band released "Cheap Beer Night" in America, and pushed on. It had been a two and a half year long sprint for the band to get to where it was at, and there were signs of exhaustion. In addition, John's parents both became seriously ill, making touring away from home even more emotionally draining for him. The band was still making great music, but everyone was a bit rough around the edges from all the hard work.

Needing an outlet, Ralph began working on Eat At Godot's, a solo acoustic album. The music expressed a more quiet and melodic side than the high energy club rock The Bad Examples were known for. By the time it was released, John had asked to leave the band. He was physically and emotionally exhausted from touring and the passing of his parents, and he wanted to return to his musical roots and play the blues. He continued playing shows while the band looked for a replacement.

In November of 1993 Eat At Godot's was released. WXRT added "Any Twisted Thing" three weeks before the album was released, and nationally preorders and early sales were very high. As 1994 began, it looked like the work was all finally paying off, but another big blow was falling.

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The early days & the MEAT album
The making of Bad Is Beautiful; AEMMP Records signs the band
Bad Is Beautiful released, Europe, West Coast touring
CNR ends, Eat At Godot's
Landmark falls, enter Steve Gerlach, the Kisses 50 Cents band, the origins of Birthday
The return of Tommy O'Brien, Ralph tours Europe with the Moondogs, 1996 European tour
Rob Newhouse, Ron Barnes join the band; Sawdust and Spangles, Birthday come to life
The 5000 Days Studio sessions, The Last Show
Stages, Kids, and a Smash Record!