5000 Days
The band's final show as an active entity, recorded live at FitzGerald's, April 15, 2000! Features band members from all Bad Examples formations from 1987-2000!
Those of us who experienced it first-hand already know the simple truth: The Bad Examples were one of the great American rock & roll bands, especially in concert. To be truthful, they were more than one great band, as the changes in the line-up through the years brought out the strengths of the new members, and showed off new aspects of Ralph Covert's songwriting.

This disc documents the Examples' final night, a five-hour celebration ending their existence as an ongoing entity. The chosen venue was FitzGerald's, just outside of Chicago, one of America's finest clubs and a longtime favorite of both fans and the band. They chose to chronogically encapsulate their career onstage.

With each set, a different line-up of the band took the stage, so that over the course of the night we were taken on a magical history tour of 5000 days of The Bad Examples. The songs selected here capture the spirit of their past and that climactic night.(- Rob Gillis, from the liner notes)
Little Disasters - Lyrics   
Bad Girl - Lyrics
Reaching for Shadows - Lyrics
Squeezing the Puzzle Together -Lyrics
Harrogate Blues - Lyrics
Schoolboys in Exile - Lyrics
Beautiful Bonfire - Lyrics
Raspberry Jam - Lyrics
Kiss-o-rama - Lyrics
Not Dead Yet - Lyrics
Johnsburg, Illinois - Lyrics
Man Underwater - Lyrics


This album is dedicated to the memory of John Duich.

Produced by Ralph Covert
Executive Producer Doug Balensiefen

Recorded at FitzGerald's April 15, 2001 by Metromobile, Timothy Powell engineer, Mike Czaszwicz and Dan Glomski assistant engineers, and Steve Kocour front of house sound.
Archive recording by Mark Malboeuf. Mixed by Mark Schwarz at Uberstudio, tape transfers by Martin Stebbing.

All songs © by Ralph Covert, Waterdog Music (ASCAP) except "Harrogate Blues," Ralph Covert / Jason Feddy, Waterdog Music / Zomba Music, (ASCAP / BMI), "Johnsburg, Illinois" Tom Waits, Jalma Music, administered by Ackee Music, Inc. (ASCAP), and "Schoolboys in Exile," Steve Gerlach / John Carpender, Phantom Music (ASCAP), administered by Waterdog Music.

Photography: Marcelle Bright, Christopher Cameron, Tim Davis, Harrison Jones, Ronald van der Meijden, and Tina Spurelle.

Graphic Design: Jo Mills

©2008 Waterdog Music  www.waterdogmusic.com