Good Examples Of Bad Examples
Here's the Bad Examples collection that parents have been asking for and a bit more than that!

Fathers and mothers have requested a compendium of Bad Examples music they could play without having to explain that song about a mariner's inebriation at a brothel, why the singer would rather drink an intoxicating beverage than wholesome milk in Heaven, or just what the fictional Adam McCarthy was dying from.

This album, properly stickered as well, has 14 kid-friendly gems. Highlights include a new squeaky-clean version of Ralph Covert's signature song, "Not Dead Yet" (as covered by Styx and heard on HBO's Six Feet Under), a new full-band version of "The Amazing Romero," (an acoustic version can be heard on the "Birthday" album, a brand-new song, "Find Your Cherry Bomb," and rescuing from an obscure charity release, "Christmas In Vegas." The package contains a fully-illustrated booklet delineating the original sources for each track.

Unlike the previous still-available hits set, Popscape: The Best of Ralph Covert And The Bad Examples, Vol. 1, this second volume can also fit alongside the Ralph's World albums. While this is definitely adult rock'n'roll, it's one you won't mind your kids hearing- and loving.

Release date was October 25, 2005.

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