A Lark

(Ralph Covert -Waterdog Music / ASCAP)

Itís all been a lark itís true
Weíve been as casual as a summer afternoon
Now to be honest I donít know what to do
Iím falling in love with you

To hear our friends tell the news
Weíve been as subtle as a sunny day in June
Just between the two of us I donít know how they knew
Itís all been a lark with you

When we got together it was only for the pleasure
Of a hug and a kiss or two
Now weíre saving memories and swinging on a star
Smiling back at the moon

Thereís nothing but time to lose
I canít imagine anything Iíd rather do
Than let your smile change an ordinary afternoon
Into just another lark with you

Iím walking in the park
And lying in the dark
Itís just another lark with you