Floating Into Morning

(Ralph Covert -Waterdog Music / ASCAP)

Sooner or later I will cast my memory backwards
Sort through the stones that have littered my imagination
You are not here in my arms in this early morning light
It doesn稚 seem right that you池e gone

You could call me empty, but I知 full of something
You could call me lonely, but I知 just not used to being alone
I really should be sleeping, but my eyes are open
Has it really been so long?


Floating into morning like we used to do
Falling in and out of falling in and out of love with you
Next to your empty pillow, outside the open window
A blackbird singing a morning song

Outside the window I hear voices and car doors slamming
The world at work is waking up and stirring into motion
How does it feel for you? How long have you been sleeping?
Did you reach out as your dreams were fading?


Maybe the phone will ring, maybe the door will open
Maybe I値l run until I知 there beneath your window
Maybe this all will pass, maybe we値l talk it over
Maybe the bed will start to feel right without you