Ghost Of A Joke

(Ralph Covert -Waterdog Music / ASCAP)

When I saw you in the door with his ring on your hand
I tried to laugh
But the sound dried up on the tip of my toungue like a cough
And now I understand why you donít seem to come around anymore
Ainít it funny how things change?

Now Iím hanging out drinking beer in the bar with the boys in the back
And me and Jimmy getting drunk shooting pool in the dark
Life is like a jigsaw puzzle that somebody threw away
Some of the pieces on the ground must have been mine


I remember everybody was in love with the way you moved
But the boys in the neighborhood never seemed to be good enough for you
You never did care what you did as long as you did it first
Itís a ghost of a joke but Iím laughing Ďcause it hurts
It's a ghost of a joke

Now the AM radio doesnít seem to play our song anymore
And the face in the mirror is just another small town jerk
And one of these days Iím gonna figure out just what it was I did wrong
Til then I fumble for my keys in the dark


Now Jesus and Mary are watching from the mantle at your motherís house
At the space on the wall where our picture always hung
And I guess Iím glad you came around to let me know
Some folks gotta get kicked to know theyíre down

A ghost of a joke
A ghost of a joke