(Ralph Covert -Waterdog Music / ASCAP)

Now I know what you're thinking when you watch me
You're as easy as an amateur pool shark
Somebody's gonna get what you're after
I got plenty of time to live up to

I know girls that I would like to talk to
I know girls who could be my friend
I know girls that I could fall in love with
I know girls who could let me pretend


In the shadow of a Sunday morning
Under the purple light of dawn
Drinking coffee with my burrito
I still got my blue jeans on

I think maybe I should call a cab now
Pay the driver to take you away
This is as easy as fishing with a shotgun
Do I really want to live this way?

Pretty little strip tease
Slither inside her

Neon lights in the rain
See my face on a window pane
What's so wrong with a counterfeit
Pretty little striptease

Feel her legs on my hip
Wind me tight let it rip
I should turn and walk away

Pretty little strip tease -- sidewinder