from the Argus Leader (Sioux Falls, South Dakota), Sept. 1995

Examples are excited

Band ready to rock the Pomp tonight

by Jim Cheesman, Argus Leader Staff

There's a certain excitement about the Bad Examples' visit to Sioux Falls.

"It's kind of like that first date thing," lead singer and songwriter Ralph Covert explained.

"You like this girl and there's real chemistry there. It's exciting. You know something good is happening but you aren't quite sure what it is.

"With the changes we've made, that's what it's like for us. It's a very exciting time."

Covert leads the Bad Examples into the Pomp Room tonight. Since the last time they were here in April, the group has released a critically acclaimed album, Kisses 50¢, but lost its lead guitarist and drummer.

"We originally wanted this album to be a launching pad, but it turned into more of a bridge album," Covert said.

"When we were in the middle of making it, Steve Gerlach left and then we found out our drummer Terry Wathen wasn't going to be with us.

"We had already done the first tracks and then had to shift 90 degrees. But it's still a good album. The reviews have been great."

Gerlach still plays with the band on occasion. Other gigs are filled by John Zdon, a keyboardist/ guitarist from Chicago who will be with the band tonight.

"He's played in my acoustic shows. He's a real strong journeyman player," Covert said. "His versatility gives us some options. We might eventually end up a five-piece band" instead of four.

Covert said the band is using the transition time to its advantage.

"We're in a position now to really improve ourselves," he said. "Not that these guys weren't good players and important parts of the band, but the change gives us an opportunity to build on our strengths."

This period reminds Covert of another time the band was in Sioux Falls.

"A couple of years ago, Tommy O'Brien left the band and we brought in John Duich. One of the first places we played was the Pomp Room, and it was almost mystical. We had played in Chicago a lot, but the Pomp Room is probably where the Bad Examples sound was born. That's one of the reasons we featured it on the cover of "Cheap Beer Night."

And the irony of the situation is not lost on Covert.

"Once again we're in a phase of growing and once again we're at the Pomp Room. We're hoping we can recapture that magic once again."