from Lerner Newspapers, May 10, 1995, Sect. 2, page 1 ("Citylife" section), by Jean Iversen, Correspondent

Bad Examples

If you haven't seen or heard of this group yet, chances are your Chicago accent needs a little work. With three releases on the local independent Waterdog Records under its belt, Bad Examples has graced nearly every major stage in this city with hook-laden pop rock since 1987. "Where haven't we played?" front man Ralph Covert asks.

Formed by Covert, the group's chief songwriter and a dynamic performer who has released two CDs of his own on Waterdog, "Eat At Godot's" and "Adam McCarthy," the Bad Examples has had its hit "Not Dead Yet" recorded by the rock group Styx, toured Europe extensively and earned a reputation for being one of the most entertaining club acts in the Great Lakes region.

In the summer, you can usually catch the group at a number of festivals held around the city. Bad Examples also routinely opens for major acts that play in town, including the Lemonheads, Squeeze and Los Lobos.

The group's latest release, "Kisses 50 Cents," was recorded in December within walking distance of Covert's Bucktown home. It features the consistent sound Bad Examples is known for: brilliant melodies, off-the-wall lyrics - especially "Every Poet Wants to Murder Shakespeare" and "The Mask of Mona Lisa" - and short, catchy guitar riffs.

To see this Chicago music scene fixture or purchase one of the group's albums, call Waterdog Records at (312)-421-7499.