Ralph's World is the musical place where little guys and gals and their folks can rock rock rock and sing sing sing along without overdosing on sugar.

It's the creation of indie rocker and songwriter Ralph Covert, with his ninth album now out on BarNone Records. As one writer put it, it’s musically like hitting every ride at the carnival.

There’s so much going on at Ralph’s World that you should go to its own website; www.ralphsworld.com There you can find more about his award-winning discs, videos, and where Ralph’s World is playing live.You can go to the bottom of the sea to the driver's seat of a big rig to swinging on a jungle vine to attending a rhyming circus in just a few songs. Come back to www.waterdogmusic.com for Ralph’s more adult songs or click on the Bad Examples icon above.

Attention shoppers! The online ralphsworld shop only has Ralph’s World music and RW accessories. The waterdog store has all of Ralph’s music, for kids and adults, music by many other artists, but no RW clothing or accessories.