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In 1886, the renegade Cap Streeter ran his ship aground in the shallow waters off the coast of Chicago. He turned this misfortune into a dream, creating the valuable land parcel that today bears his name - until envious citizens challenged his control of the land. During a passionate battle that divided the city, Streeter and his band of loyal followers took on Chicago's richest and most powerful characters, and became a legend....


Click me to view a larger postcard image!!Streeterville -

A play by G. Riley Mills and Ralph Covert.
Directed by Nick Bowling.
Winner of the 2001 Jeff Award for Best New Work.

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This play had its world premiere at TimeLine Theatre, from Feb. 15 through Mar. 18, 2001.
For more info about TimeLine, visit their website at

Just who was this Cap Streeter fellow, anyway?  

View a historical timeline that marks the high (and low) points of Cap Streeter's life!

A Chicago Sun-Times article previews the play!

New City lists "Streeterville" as one of its "Five Shows to See Now!" Read their review here.

Chicago Footlights showcases Streeterville and TimeLine Theatre!

We've also transcribed a number of turn-of-the-century newspaper articles, and some more recent historical essays about Captain George Wellington Streeter! Click any article heading below for a fascinating glimpse at turn-of-the-century Chicago life:


Looking back at Cap:
  "Know Chicago" - A quick overview of Cap's life and times
  "Captain Streeter" - Frank Mayo grew up watching Cap build his ship, the "Reutan."
         Here he shares warm memories of the man.
  "A fighter to the end was old Cap'n Streeter" - A December 1988 article that portrays
         Cap in a little more "unsavory" light.
  "A warm spot in my heart...." - Clara Oberhardt shares a fond memory of an act of
          kindness done her by Cap's wife, Maria Jordan.
  Chicagoan Norman Mark writes about Streeter: one of his "favorite local
Archived newspaper articles:
  "He Stands by the Ship" - Chicago Tribune, Sept. 10, 1890
  "Streeter Sells to the Police" - Chicago Tribune, July 13, 1900
  "Streeter Will Apply to Court" - Chicago Tribune, Sept. 1, 1901
  "A Quiet Day in the Life..." - Chicago Tribune, Sept. 1, 1901
  "Cap Streeter and Force in the District Again" - Chicago Tribune, Sept. 2, 1901
  "Drive Streeter Off Lake Front" - Chicago Tribune, Sept. 21, 1901
  "Streeter Again in the District" - Chicago Tribune, Oct. 6, 1901
  "Streeter Marshals Strike Because of Wages Unpaid" - Chicago Tribune, Oct. 10,1901
  "Streeter Attacks a Lawyer" - Chicago Tribune, Oct. 23, 1901
  "Streeter Builds a Home" - Chicago Tribune, Dec. 20, 1901
  "True Bills for Capt. Streeter" - Chicago Tribune, Feb. 1, 1902
  "District Battle Ends in Murder" - Chicago Tribune, Feb. 12, 1902
  "Hard Blows to Streeter" - Chicago Tribune, June 27, 1902
  "Orders Streeter to Move" - Chicago Tribune, July 31, 1902
  "Streeter Out, In, Out!" - Chicago Tribune, Aug. 13, 1902
  " 'Cap' Streeter on the Stage" - Chicago Tribune, Nov. 11, 1902

  " 'Cap' on the Rampage" - Chicago Tribune, Nov. 25, 1902

  "Cell Is Streeter's Lot" - Chicago Tribune, Dec. 4, 1902
  "Maria Streeter Is Dead; Her Life Ends in a Barn" - Chicago Tribune, Feb. 12, 1903
  "Last Rites for Mrs. Streeter" - Chicago Tribune, Feb. 13, 1903
  "Streeter Sings a Song to the Jail Prisoners" - Chicago Tribune, Aug. 28, 1903
  "Streeter Makes New Appeal" - Chicago Tribune, Sept. 19, 1903
  "Streeter's Appeal Given Up" - Chicago Tribune, Jan. 14, 1904
  "Streeter Is Cupid's Victim" - Chicago Tribune, April 22, 1905
  "Consul Makes Complaint" - Chicago Tribune, Sept. 11, 1906
  "Streeter Again Defies Law; Drives Officer from Boat" -Chicago Tribune, Jul. 15, 1907
  "Streeter Ready for Cruise to Clinch District Claim" - Chicago Tribune, Aug. 1, 1909
  "Unprepared for War, Chicago's Fate Trembles..." - Chicago Tribune, Aug. 8, 1909
  "Deestrick of Lake Michigan" Still Waiting..." - Chicago Tribune, Aug 15, 1909
  " 'Cap' on Warpath in Streeterville" - Chicago Tribune, July 17, 1910
  "Cap'n Streeter Found in 'Deestrict'; Builds Wagons" -Chicago Tribune, Dec. 27, 1911
  " 'Cap' Streeter Lands in Cell" - Chicago Tribune, June 28, 1913


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