Ralph's World - Green Gorilla, Monster and Me CD


Nominated for Best Musical Album For Children for the 48th GRAMMY Awards!

"Green Gorilla, Monster & Me" was released on compact disc on August 9, 2005 and is now available on Disney Sound. Ralph Covert’s sixth children’s music album in the Ralph’s World series features the winning combination of the catchiest rock this side of Paul McCartney combined with lyrical cleverness suitable for kids without being annoying to adults on the 1st or 101st listen. The musicians who helped create this wonderful album are many of the same guys who play with Ralph live (for Ralph’s World and/or The Bad Examples) such as bassist Pickles Piekarski, guitarists Steve Gerlach and Tom O’Brien, organist Steve Wozny, bassist Brian Sheridan (from Middle 8), drummer Matt Walker (ex-Smashing Pumpkins and Filter), and on a bevy of acoustic string instruments, John Nudzen.

The songs range from the country-ish “Dance Around,” the bouncy “Red Banana” (which is where the album receives it name), the plaintive “Liesl Echo,” and the punk sound of “I Don’t Wanna.” One highlight is Ralph’s new version of the classic Ray Stevens hit “Gitarzan” with Ralph handling all the vocal challenges.

Track Listing
Dance Around
Red Banana
Me & My Invisible Friend
Old Red # 7
River Flow
Liesl Echo
Tim The Boy
I Don't Wanna
Tower of Blocks
Yum! Yuk!

All copies currently available have a small cut or notch in the side spine which does not affect the booklet or the playability of the disc.


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  • Catalogue Number: Disney 61457-7
  • Artist: Ralph's World
  • Music Genre: Children's

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